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  • This product is the stuff used in order to cook at home.
  • Please do not use by any means for any aim other than cooking.
  • Please use it after carefully reading a user instruction in the case of use.
  • Unsuitable handling leads to accidents, such as a fire and a burn.
  • Please be sure to keep this user instruction.
  • Since all these enamel products are painted manually, uneven coloring and coating, a blackspot, air bubbles, etc. are sometime found out.but it is satisfactory at all about use.

Preparation before use

  • Please use it after confirming safety to see there is not any damage and deformation etc. in a handle or a knob also a body.
  • When you use it first, by the soft sponge which put dishwashing detergent, please fully wash and rinse. Use of a hard sponge and a brush causes a damage of coating.
  • Even though we have taken all possible measures against quality, if there should be a defect, please inform a buying store and a reference without using it.

[ Warning ] Safety precautions

  • Please do not leave the stove during heating.
  • When you leave a stove, please be sure to extinguish fire.
  • The middle of cooking, and right after, a body and a handle get hot.
  • Please keep in mind that there is fear of a burn if it touches barehanded. Specially, keep away from little child. * Please use a mitten etc.
  • Please do not make heating with nothing inside absolute. It becomes the causation of a surface crack or damage, the causation of a fire, and the causation of the burn by deformation of a body or damage of a handle.
  • Please do not use on a stove, because it is dangerous. (A body may not be stabilized but a cooking item may fall.)
  • Please do not use it with a microwave oven. (A microwave oven may damage and ignite.)


  • Please avoid a rapid temperature change, such as pouring a cold water on the heated body. It becomes the causation of a crack or damage.
  • Please do not use it in the condition that a flame is big. (Please use it with smaller than medium fire.)
  • Please do neither modification nor an emergency measure to damage of a handle.
  • Please use it, putting on the center of the stove and stabilizing it.
  • And please adjust a position so that the flame of an adjoining stove does not heat a handle.
  • Please do not give a shock, such as dropping from a high place. It becomes the causation of a crack or damage

In the case of use by IH (induction heater)

  • Please use correctly along with the handling manual of IH (induction heater) in use.
  • Please use it with smaller than medium fire and do not make heating with nothing inside absolute. (IH (induction heater) and a halogen heater have the very strong firepower as compared with gas, use over high heat causes of a body damage and a coating crack.)
  • In order to have you heat efficiently, please wipe off cleanly the waterdrop attached to the bottom.
  • Please use it, putting on the center of the heater.
  • Even though a discoloring may come about by use, because trouble is not in use, please use without anxiety.
  • Please do not use it, if deformation etc. comes about in a drop, heating with nothing inside, etc.

Care after use

  • Please wash after use by the sponge which put dishwashing detergent. (A scratch is attached if it washes with a brush or polishing powder)
  • Please keep it after washing, wiping off moisture fully and making it dry with the dry cloth etc.(Storage of being tinged with humidity causes rust)
  • When you remove a burnt deposit etc., please use neither a knife nor the stuff which is easy to damage.
  • Please remove after dipping in hot water and making a burnt deposit soft.
  • After cooking, do not keep foods in inside.
  • Please avoid use of acidity and alkaline detergent and wash it with neutral detergent.
  • Please do not put on or stack the different type of metal.

*For details, please refer to the ” Instruction manual” which comes with the product.

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