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  • This product is the stuff used in order to cook at home.
  • Please do not use by any means for any aim other than cooking.
  • Please use it after carefully reading a user instruction in the case of use.
  • Unsuitable handling leads to accidents, such as a fire and a burn.
  • Please be sure to keep this user instruction.
  • Since all these enamel products are painted manually, uneven coloring and coating, a blackspot, air bubbles, etc. are sometime found out.but it is satisfactory at all about use.

Preparation before use

  • Please use it after confirming safety to see there is not any damage and deformation etc. in a handle or a knob also a body.
  • When you use it first, by the soft sponge which put dishwashing detergent, please fully wash and rinse. Use of a hard sponge and a brush causes a damage of coating.
  • Even though we have taken all possible measures against quality, if there should be a defect, please inform a buying store and a reference without using it.

[ Warning ] Safety precautions

  • Please do not leave the stove during heating.
  • When you leave a stove, please be sure to extinguish fire.
  • The middle of cooking, and right after, a body and a handle get hot.
  • Please keep in mind that there is fear of a burn if it touches barehanded. Specially, keep away from little child. * Please use a mitten etc.
  • Please do not make heating with nothing inside absolute. It becomes the causation of a surface crack or damage, the causation of a fire, and the causation of the burn by deformation of a body or damage of a handle.
  • Please do not use on a stove, because it is dangerous. (A body may not be stabilized but a cooking item may fall.)
  • Please do not use it with a microwave oven. (A microwave oven may damage and ignite.)


  • Please avoid a rapid temperature change, such as pouring a cold water on the heated body. It becomes the causation of a crack or damage.
  • Please do not use it in the condition that a flame is big. (Please use it with smaller than medium fire.)
  • Please do neither modification nor an emergency measure to damage of a handle.
  • Please use it, putting on the center of the stove and stabilizing it.
  • And please adjust a position so that the flame of an adjoining stove does not heat a handle.
  • Please do not give a shock, such as dropping from a high place. It becomes the causation of a crack or damage

In the case of use by IH (induction heater)

  • Please use correctly along with the handling manual of IH (induction heater) in use.
  • Please use it with smaller than medium fire and do not make heating with nothing inside absolute. (IH (induction heater) and a halogen heater have the very strong firepower as compared with gas, use over high heat causes of a body damage and a coating crack.)
  • In order to have you heat efficiently, please wipe off cleanly the waterdrop attached to the bottom.
  • Please use it, putting on the center of the heater.
  • Even though a discoloring may come about by use, because trouble is not in use, please use without anxiety.
  • Please do not use it, if deformation etc. comes about in a drop, heating with nothing inside, etc.

Care after use

  • Please wash after use by the sponge which put dishwashing detergent. (A scratch is attached if it washes with a brush or polishing powder)
  • Please keep it after washing, wiping off moisture fully and making it dry with the dry cloth etc.(Storage of being tinged with humidity causes rust)
  • When you remove a burnt deposit etc., please use neither a knife nor the stuff which is easy to damage.
  • Please remove after dipping in hot water and making a burnt deposit soft.
  • After cooking, do not keep foods in inside.
  • Please avoid use of acidity and alkaline detergent and wash it with neutral detergent.
  • Please do not put on or stack the different type of metal.

*For details, please refer to the ” Instruction manual” which comes with the product.



  • After cooking, please use scrub etc. without using detergent, please wash with hot water.
  • After washing, wipe off moisture with a dry cloth and make sure pan is dry before putting it away. (It may rust if you put it away before it is dry.)
  • Do not use a knife or anything else likely to scratch the surface in order to remove food that is stuck or burned in. Soak pan in boiling water to soften stuck or burned food before trying to remove it.
  • Do not leave what you have cooked in the pan since this may cause it to rust. Transfer unused food to another container.
  • Please do not use for automatic dishwasher.
  • To avoid rust, do not stack or store pan on top of products made of other metals.


  • Fry pan and handle will be hot during and after cooking. Do not handle with bare hands, but use a oven glove.
  • If you cook vegetables with a lot of tannin such as burdock root or lotus root, the ingredients may change color.
  • The hole at the base of the handle is produced during manufacture. If water gets in after washing this may lead to rust. Always wipe out the water in the hole carefully with a cloth.
  • The heat resistant silicone coating will become thinner with use. In this case, and if you notice rust, heat the pan gently, dry it and coat it lightly with oil.

*For details, please refer to the ” Instruction manual” which comes with the product.

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