Emphasis on lightness

 Amazingly, only 2mm thick

Amazingly, only 2mm thick

UNILLOY retains the qualities of the hollow cast iron pot, but it is much lighter.
The metal, which we produced without cutting, is amazingly thin – only 2mm thick, with a 2.5mm bottom. We kept the weight, which was such a drawback, to about half that of similar products. (Volume comparison)

Tsubamesanjo's technology has created cast iron

Tsubamesanjo’s technology
has created cast iron

How did we manage to produce a light hollow cast iron pot, something that had never been done before?
We refined the innovative and inimitable casting techniques handed down in Niigata Prefecture’s Tsubame Sanjo, the world famous production center for metal products.
Although the challenge was to create something strong, the mold was an extremely light form of FCV cast iron, which is very difficult to work with. The technological strength and quality were obtained through continuous efforts by all the craftsmen involved.

 “Ease of use” - new value added

“Ease of use” – new value added

UNILLOY sought to create, not so much technological strength that nobody else could match, but rather the new merit of “easy to use” which everyone could appreciate. Our mission was to take the hollow cast iron pot that brings out the flavor of the ingredients and develop it into a product that was light and easy to handle in order to make the true pleasure of cooking more widely accessible. Try it out for yourself. You will see how light and pleasant it is to use.


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