Fried chicken wings Nagoya-style



This is Nagoya style crispy fried chicken wing with salty-sweet sauce, you can enjoy easily at home. It is delicious even get cold, very good for side dishes of lunch box and with beer. Since UNILLOY casserole is light, it is very easy to finish the oil after fry.

Ingredient4 servings

Chicken wings
Salt and pepper
as appropriate
Potato starch
as appropriate
Frying oil
as appropriate
White sesame
as appropriate
Black pepper
as appropriate
as appropriate


Soy sauce
2 table spoons
“Mirin” (sweet sake)
2 table spoons
1 table spoons
1/2 table spoons
Garlic (sliced)
1 clove
ginger (sliced)
1 clove
  • 1

    Chicken wings sprinkled with salt and pepper, rubbed and covered with potato starch.
  • 2

    Put frying oil into UNILLOY casserole, fry ① 3~4 minutes in 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃ temperature.
  • 3

    Take out ② to bat and left for 5 minutes.
  • 4

    Raise the temperature of the frying oil to 180 ℃, and fry ③ about 1 minute again. (Frying oil strained while hot, can be used repeatedly without oxidation)
  • 5

    Put A into another UNILLOY casserole, mixed and boiled.
  • 6

    Stop the fire, put ④ and toss well, sprinkle with sesame and black pepper.
  • 7

    Serve to plate, and add raw cabbage cut into 3 ~ 4cm angle.

Tomoko Takahashi

Tomoko Takahashi – Profile

Born in Sanjo-city Niigata in 1971. Since 1998, presides over the small cooking class of salon style "LA CUILLERE TOMO" in Sanjo-city. She is introducing the cuisine of various genres such as French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese in easy-to-understand home cooking, using seasonal ingredients that was able to take in Tsubame Sanjo region. Also has many fans of gorgeous table coordination of the four seasons.


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