Boiled “shiokoji” (salted rice malt) pumpkin



UNILLOY pot witch have high heat storage, thermal insulation and sealing effect is the most suitable for vegetables cook.
Shiokoji favors bring out sweetness of pumpkin, and finish in plump by decomposing starch moderately.

Ingredient5 servings

½ (about 900g)
2 tablespoons
100㏄ ~
Light soy sauce
1 teaspon
  • 1

    Cut into bite-size pumpkin, and chamfered corners and hard skin.
  • 2

    Place ① into UNILLOY 22cm casserole, put “shiokoji” and water and mixed.
  • 3

    In order to finish it as nonstick, put the pumpkin with under the skin and braised 10 to12 minutes over low heat.
  • 4

    If a bamboo skewer insert straight through in, add light soy sauce and turn off the heat.

Tomoko Takahashi

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Born in Sanjo-city Niigata in 1971. Since 1998, presides over the small cooking class of salon style "LA CUILLERE TOMO" in Sanjo-city. She is introducing the cuisine of various genres such as French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese in easy-to-understand home cooking, using seasonal ingredients that was able to take in Tsubame Sanjo region. Also has many fans of gorgeous table coordination of the four seasons.


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