Light weight cast iron

Advanced processing technology,
makes fry pan thin and light

In Tsubame Sanjo, a town famous for its metal-processing technology, we have created a FCD cast iron fry pan with a wall thickness of only 1.5mm. The fry pan is about half the weight of traditional cast iron cookware, making it very easy to handle.


Uneven surface

Absorbs excess fat and
moisture from ingredients

Small irregularities on casting surface minimize contact with ingredients and inhibit burning. These irregularities also absorb excess fat and moisture from meat and vegetables to give a perfect finish to your cooking.


Excellent heat

Rapid heat conduction
for easy cooking

The key to cooking delicious food is the speed of heat conduction. Both the base and the side of this fry pan are excellent heat conductors, transmitting heat evenly through the ingredients to bring out the flavor whether in stews, stir-fries or oven dishes.


Compact shape

The short handle is very useful for the oven

We made the handle shorter to go in the oven. Though compact, the fry pan has ample capacity thanks to its extra depth. The edge is designed for easy transfer of food from pan to plate.


Different colors

Silicone handle cap in a
choice of four colors

A silicone handle cap in a choice of four different colors, red, blue, yellow or black, adds an unusual accent to the design. Since the cap is heatproof up to 250°C, it can go in the oven. It can also be easily removed for cleaning.